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Accepted Unmute

Discussion in 'Unban / Unmute Applications' started by Etho_, Feb 1, 2015.

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  1. Etho_

    Etho_ Member

    Jan 16, 2015
    I was muted because I used a foreign language in chat less than 30 seconds after InfiniteCorners told everyone that using a foreign language is forbidden.

    I broke the rule because I was not paying attention at the chat and I thought it would have been funny to write a symbol in the chat with a message after it. This is what it was:
    "くそ these creepers man.."
    I did not know that InfiniteCorners had said that foreign languages are forbidden, and I wish I payed more attention to the chat.

    I think I deserve to be unmuted because I can help other people and I can help enforce the rules of the server so others on the server do not get muted or banned because of their actions. I care about helping others and that's what I want to do again and again for this server.

    I swear I will uphold all the rules of the server because I do not want to make the same mistake again of getting muted because I broke a rule that can result in a punishment like a mute. Every time I'm about to break a rule by doing something that I thought was punishable and it's against the rules, I will remind myself of today and what can happen to me if I'm not careful.

    I will follow the rules and the community because I care so much about the people here and I want them to have the best multiplayer experience they would have on a Minecraft server. I know I can have my bad days and my good days with staff and other players not just here but other places, but I felt I was a bad person for not welcoming the new members to the server during my mute. I wished I could have been able to welcome the newcomers to the server, but I couldn't. I wish to make the server community a better place and help enforce the rules amongst other players also.
  2. InfiniteCorners

    InfiniteCorners Commander of Blocks Staff Member

    Mar 29, 2014
    Application Approved

    Due to the relatively small nature of your infraction, duration of your mute, and quality of the application I see no need for deliberation on this particular application and will not make you wait for your unmute.
    • Staff Approval Staff Approval x 1
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