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Recruiting >>The Empire<<

Discussion in 'Teams' started by xX_KingEye_Xx, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. xX_KingEye_Xx

    xX_KingEye_Xx New Member

    Apr 8, 2017
    The Heart of the Empire


    The Empire is a new growing team that offers many different ways to be involved in the community of the Empire. I should probably start out by saying that the Empire is a non-raiding team. However, we do give the opportunity to join our military! If you enjoy PVP or combat of any kind, you can be a part of our Military! Our Military is mainly to protect the Empire and its people, but we also attack those who attack us. If we were to get raided, robbed, killed, etc, the Military's job would be to seek out justice for the Empire! But mostly we are a peaceful people, just don't provoke us.

    What is expected of you:
    If you get accepted into the Empire, you will go through a type of training/schooling within the server on how to conduct yourself in the Empire. It is required that all members of this team do this. Before we even let you never any of our towns, cities, and villages, you will have to write a profile book on your history on this server. This will include How old you are, how many kills you have, your raiding history on ccmc, your other teams, and allies, your enemies, and a short story on why you want to join the Empire.

    "Giving it up":
    We welcome all people, however, we will not accept you if you plan on continuing raiding and killing innocent players. If you are on another team, that's fine as long as they do not raid. We ask this because we must protect the reputation of our dear Empire.

    Ranks and Leadership:
    The more you train and contribute to the Empire, the higher your rank will be on our team!
    Yes, our team is based on a rank system, all players will receive the "student" rank when joining the team, once you complete the schooling, you will then be a Noble, and so on and so forth.
    You may even one day be a leader over one of our cities/branches. Hurry and join fast so you can build up your ranks and leadership skills so that you can teach the next generation!

    The Kingdom Culture:
    Our communities theme is a medieval style of culture and leadership. The highest ranks you can get is "King" and you can only get that rank if the previous King steps down, or is voted off by the council. The King has the final say so in every affair in the Empire, but don't get confused, we work on a majority vote system. Its all fair, but it gives the team that bit of whimsical soul. :)

    What we're looking for! :
    We are looking for LOYAL men and women to join our team, we are looking for hard workers that can contribute and see the bigger picture of the future of the Empire! You don't have to be active all the time because I am aware that we all have busy lives outside ccmc. But just do your best when you get free time you want to waste. We are going to try to shoot for over the age of 14. We just need people that are mature.

    How to join:
    You can message me on this site, or you can find me or another member of the Empire, and just let us know if you want to join! You will have to be interviewed in the actual game itself. But if you let me know on this site, I will make a time and date we can meet!

    Thank you all so much for your time! We hope we'll be seeing you soon!

    <><><>LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!<><><>

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  2. RazorBlade789

    RazorBlade789 Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    Great team application! I'd love to ask you to be allies with my team "The Genji Mains" but they raid so.. I guess thats a no? Anyways, good luck with your team!
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  3. Party_Wabbit

    Party_Wabbit Active Member

    Jan 20, 2016
    I’m leaving
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  4. MCMCaveman

    MCMCaveman Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2013
    Raided: 2018-06-16
    Location: Less than 3K out from Spawn
    How Found: Looking for area to mine for emeralds and stumbled across a cleared out mineshaft that lead to storage room.
    Highlight Loot: Over 3 double chests of XP Bottles and a decent chest of ores
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  5. xX_KingEye_Xx

    xX_KingEye_Xx New Member

    Apr 8, 2017
    Ah, yes, you found my small personal vault. Congrats! Perhaps you will be willing to return my books? The Empire is a team devoted to growing the server and those books play an important part. Perhaps we can negotiate on some of the items found in my vault. I knew it was a ticking time bomb and should have been moved sooner. But yes, I would like to talk to you more perhaps on the discord? Again, congrats on the fine and I hope we can discuss maybe a future relationship with the Empire. Bless ✌️
  6. MCMCaveman

    MCMCaveman Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2013
    I will consider making copies to give back to you.

    I left some xp bottles and the immortal rank diamond armor and a few other things in a shulker box as a courtesy. Other than ores, books, xp bottles, and things that could be smelted, almost everything else was tossed in the lava pools around your base.

    Doubtful, because I have spent most of my years on CCMC as a hermit who kept quietly to himself far from spawn with other builders. Now I am here to raid and destroy as a freelance mercenary.

    ~ Mors Venit Nobis Omnibus ~

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