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Official Team Akatsuki

Discussion in 'Teams' started by lee23michael, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. lee23michael

    lee23michael A Good Man :D

    Jun 9, 2015
    Hello @I_beastmode_you ,

    thank you for still willing to stay in this team. However, review all of your behavior in the past on this sever, u kept making troubles , and currently today you were still making trouble in chat.

    I want all my team members would behavior correct in this server, and help server to be better. If you keep bringing trouble to staff team, I would think if I want you stay in this team.

    Therefore, I would not give a position in Branch, and keep you in Leaf. If you think it is unfair, u can talk to me or feel free to leave.

    However, Thank you again for staying :D
  2. I_beastmode_you

    I_beastmode_you Member

    Apr 3, 2014
    I understand :(
  3. lee23michael

    lee23michael A Good Man :D

    Jun 9, 2015
    After a long time consideration, I decided

    Congrats @iDEVLMAN become the leader of Branch.

    He may not be really active now, because he is busy irl, he will be active in a short time :D
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  4. CrissCrisis

    CrissCrisis Active Member

    Mar 29, 2014
  5. RazorBlade789

    RazorBlade789 Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    hi everyone.
    sorry i was away from crystal craft for 4 or 5 months.
    i will try to help akatsuki as much as i can from now on.
  6. Buhk

    Buhk Active Member

    Jun 13, 2015
    Hey guys. One question. Where the heck is everyone? The last time I saw lee was in the summer and I've only seen like one akatsuki person on the past month(Party_Wabbit).
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  7. TheEnderPrince

    TheEnderPrince Active Member

    Dec 31, 2015
    I come on every now and then... But people busy in college and school
  8. Wonckay

    Wonckay Active Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    Can confirm, am in college.
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  9. jflory7

    jflory7 A Purple Jukebox Staff Member Founder Sysadmin

    Dec 4, 2013
    Can also double-confirm.
  10. Buhk

    Buhk Active Member

    Jun 13, 2015
    I've been on this team from the beginning. I don't want to do this, but a new world is coming into play, and this team has grown highly inactive. With a new world comes new oppurtunities. I've enjoyed my time very much with all of you(except @RazorBlade789) Best regards, Buhk.
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  11. ZuniBBa

    ZuniBBa Member

    Jul 22, 2016
    This sounds like a really interesting team. Hopefully one day il try to join.
  12. Resource

    Resource Human Resources Specialist

    Nov 25, 2014
    I hope this team stays up!
    Best of luck! ♥
    I'll be here if you ever need anything.
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  13. RazorBlade789

    RazorBlade789 Member

    Mar 30, 2015
    hey everyone i used to be part of the old leaf 2 about a year ago. i noticed there was no one in leaf 1. may i apply for a position there?
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