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Submission My Head

Discussion in 'Server Contests' started by CrissCrisis, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. CrissCrisis

    CrissCrisis Active Member

    Mar 29, 2014
    I have decided to create a contest. Such a contest is for, making a Minecraft head. Of, if course, me. Every pixel on my head is to be 5x5 of wool, the head should not be solid.


    1: It has to be in a plains biome
    2: It needs to be at least 40 blocks tall and wide ( 5x5 of wool per pixel on my head )
    3: You have to delete the home at said head
    4: It needs to be appropriate colors.
    5: It can't be wool and Clay, one or the other, not mixed.
    6: Must be over 150K blocks out.

    By submitting a screenshot, you agree to the following terms:

    You will agree to delete said home at the head. I will wait til an Admin is online, if they are willing to check to make sure said home is deleted.

    If said home is deleted, you share with the people who helped make it.

    If you don't have an admin make sure the home is deleted, and all other homes at it, then your prize will be lesser.


    If you win, WITH an Admin confirming that the home is deleted, then you will receive the following:

    2 Elytras
    4 Diamond Blocks
    12 Gold Blocks
    3 Stacks Coal Blocks
    5 Stacks Redstome Blocks
    1 Stack Iron Blocks
    6 Inv's of EXP
    6 Prot 4 Books
    5 Efficiency 5 Books
    1 God Bow (May be off by an enchantment or 2) (Most likely Mending)

    Prize WITHOUT admin confirming home deleted:

    8 Gold Blocks
    2 Stacks of Coal and Redstone Blocks
    2 Inv's of EXP
    2 Prot 4 Books
    2 Efficiency 5 Books

    And that's it. Depending on certain people, prices may be lowered depending on my trust. Not majorly though. If I feel you didn't actually delete the home, I can refuse to pay. I will pick the one from whom I trust most, and I feel looks the best.

    I have the right at any time to refuse payment if necessary, and an Admin can confirm I never set a home at said Head, to make sure I didn't swindle you.

    Closing August 8th

    If anyone decides to actually make a head, I will need at least 3 screenshots of it, or it will not be qualified.

    I doubt people will make this, but I have decided I want a head to live in.

    I will give bonus rewards if you add some nice houses around it, and we will negotiate the price. Have fun building!


    I will be living here, so if I get raided, you will be the first person in my enemy list.

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