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Kits back in the Server Shop

Discussion in 'Network Suggestions' started by PlutoGoddess, Apr 27, 2016.

Do you think these kits should be brought back?

Poll closed May 4, 2016.
  1. Heck yea man!

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  2. No, like really dawg...

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  1. PlutoGoddess

    PlutoGoddess Active Member

    Apr 9, 2014

    This is not really an idea, but more of a suggestion. Many of the old timers on this server should know what these kits are, for example; Tamer, Ghost, Army, Jedi, Potion, Horse, Diamond, and the Hephaestus. I think that this should be brought back into the server, mainly because it is something people have bought in the future and people would most likely still buy. I thought it was a great touch to the server back then because I myself use to always buy the Tamer kit and the Jedi kit.

    These are the Kits and what is included with them:

    Tamer: $0.99
    By buying the Tamer's Kit, you will receive:
    • 32 wolf eggs
    • 128 bones
    • 64 raw pork (for breeding)
    Ghost: $2.99
    By buying the Ghost Kit, you will receive:
    • 64 ender pearls
    • 4 Extended Invisible Potions
    • 4 Splash Invisible Potions
    • 4 Speed II Potions
    Army: $2.99
    By buying the Army Kit, you will receive:
    • Ghillie Suit (Protection IV, Unbreaking III Green Leather Armor)
    • Grenades (12 TNT and a flint & steel)
    • Gun (Power V, Punch II Bow)
    Jedi: $2.99
    By buying the Jedi Kit, you will receive:
    • Jedi cloak (leather armor)
    • Blue lightsaber (Sharpness IV, Knockback II diamond sword)
    • R2D2 (pet dog)
    • The Force (special potato)
    Potion: $9.99
    By buying the Potion Pack, you will receive:
    • 16 brewing stands
    • 64 nether warts
    • 32 magma cream
    • 32 sugar
    • 32 glistering melons
    • 32 spider eyes
    • 32 ghast tears
    • 32 blaze powder
    • 32 fermented spider eyes
    • 32 golden carrots
    • 32 gunpowder
    Horse: $4.99
    By buying the Cavalry's Horses, you will receive:
    • 64 horse eggs
    • 3 saddles
    • 64 leads
    • 64 hay bales
    • 3 sets of gold horse armor
    • 3 sets of iron horse armor
    • 3 sets of diamond horse armor
    Diamond: $14.99
    By buying the Diamond Kit, you will receive:
    • 1 Diamond sword
    • 1 Diamond pickaxe
    • 1 Diamond shovel
    • 1 Diamond axe
    • 1 Diamond hoe
    • 1 Full diamond armor
    • 64 diamonds
    Hephaestus's Forge: $14.99
    By buying the Hephaestus's Forge, you will receive:
    • 10 Anvils
    • 768 coal
    • 12 Iron Blocks
    • 1 Iron Sword
    • 1 Iron Pickaxe
    • 1 Iron Axe
    • 1 Iron Shovel
    • 1 Iron Hoe
    • 1 Iron Helmet
    • 1 Iron Chestplate
    • 1 Iron Legging
    • 1 Pair of Iron Boots
    • 24 Fire Blocks
    • 1 Pure Lava Block

    But yeah, that's about all, ~PlutoRC;)
  2. lee23michael

    lee23michael A Good Man :D

    Jun 9, 2015
    I don't really agree.
    I feel this just like the idea that used in other games, for me, which mean if you would spend money(rich), you would get more rare stuff.
    Since this is a vanilla server, We have a rank system, which we called donating system. It is already involve money, it should not involve more idea of money.
  3. lee23michael

    lee23michael A Good Man :D

    Jun 9, 2015
    I joined this sever last summer, I don't know why staffs banned this kit idea, but what i said might be a reason :D
  4. ezlmaoo

    ezlmaoo Active Member

    Sep 16, 2014
    It's because of EULA no longer allowing a server to charge for any item that might give any actual advantage to a non-donor player outside of convenience (I.E. /sethome). I asked someone and apparently even the items given with the current ranks which would include pickaxes, armor, etc. are also in violation of EULA terms and conditions.
  5. lee23michael

    lee23michael A Good Man :D

    Jun 9, 2015
    Which means I guess it right :D
  6. PlutoGoddess

    PlutoGoddess Active Member

    Apr 9, 2014
    This was like i said, in the early stage of this server, many have seen it in the server. And that is why i'm bring it up, not implying that it HAS to or NEEDS to be back, but more so a suggestion towards it.
  7. _stevoism_

    _stevoism_ Web activity of OVER 9000! Staff Member Administrator

    Dec 23, 2013
    Many of the items you listed have not been spawnable since 1.8. With the 1.8 spawner mechanics many of the other listed items would never be buy-able, i.e.: spawn eggs.
    There are ways around this though, with the exception of the mob eggs. It would only be 'convenience' to buy all the iron provided by the Hephaestus's kit that he listed. The eggs would already be removed for the reason stated above and almost all the other non-legit items are not spoonable anymore.
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  8. PlutoGoddess

    PlutoGoddess Active Member

    Apr 9, 2014
    Alright, thanks for clearing that up for me, i had a bit of a rough time understanding it. So thanks.
  9. _stevoism_

    _stevoism_ Web activity of OVER 9000! Staff Member Administrator

    Dec 23, 2013
    No worries, always appreciate any type of constructive suggestions :3

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