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Accepted Banned For x-ray

Discussion in 'Unban / Unmute Applications' started by LordRamHorns, Apr 6, 2015.

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  1. LordRamHorns

    LordRamHorns New Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    Dear CrystalCraftMC,
    My name is LordRamHorns, I was banned from CrystalCraft for using X-ray to raid a player's base. I take full responsibility for this rule i have broken. My ban will be removed on 2015-06-03 and that is quite a long time to be banned for and i do not want to waste time not playing on CrystalCraft, not being able to help new people and not being able to be in CrystalCraft's community.
    I broke one of CrystalCraft's rules because i was selfish and greedy. I recently had my base raided, and i was very sad. I downloaded a X-ray texture pack and used it to raid someone elses base, so i can get new resources to start over and build a new base. I also broke one of CrystalCraft's rules because i was very poor and i wanted to use the x-ray texture pack to find diamonds.
    I think i deserve to be unbanned because i had only used the X-ray texture pack once on CrystalCraft and i have not used it on any other server. I also think i should be unbanned because I did not realise that X-ray was such a big of a deal and that i did not realise the consequences was this high and that it could damage the server that much. Also I am a really nice person and very friendly and at the time when i used X-ray to destroy and raid another players base i was not myself, i was sad and frustrated, there was a fog hiding my true self. I don't want other people to see me as a bad person for what i have done.
    I swear that i will uphold every rule of CrystalCraft and if broken i will respectfully and understandably allow the ban to come upon me till the due end of the ban. You can trust that i will follow the CrystalCraft rules because I love playing on the server, I love the community, I love helping people and I love when i get help from Crystalcraft's friendly community.
    I plan to follow the CrystalCraftMC rules from now on by always double checking the rules each time i get online, by always thinking twice before i say something or do something, by making sure i am always respectful to everyone and to never break a CrystalCraftMC rule again. This will make me a better person in the CrystalCraft community because i will be able to show how i really am and that im a friendly, nice, helpful and respectful person and is someone who people can trust and be happy around.
    The rule i broke should be followed by me and the rest of CrystalCraft's community because X-ray is against the CrystalCraft rules. It is cheating. And it spoils the fun of Minecraft for other people on the CrystalCraftMC server. It also makes you look like a bad person and somebody people don't want to be around. p.s. i have deleted x-ray and i wish to never see it again.

    Extremely sorry,
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
  2. jflory7

    jflory7 A Purple Jukebox Staff Member Founder Sysadmin

    Dec 4, 2013
    *Appeal under discussion.*

    For the record, this is the same thing that you emailed in to us.
  3. jflory7

    jflory7 A Purple Jukebox Staff Member Founder Sysadmin

    Dec 4, 2013
    Appeal accepted.

    It seems you are fairly honest with your fault and I think you have learned your lesson about x-raying. Your ban has been shortened to the minimum two-week ban for x-raying. See you server-side.
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