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Staff / Player Interaction Policy

This is a brief outline of how the server staff are allowed and not allowed to play with regular players.

Staff / Player Interaction Policy: How it affects you

This page is intended to give you, the player, a more clear idea about what staff members can and cannot do in terms of interacting with players. For the past two years that we have been in operation, a high-quality server staff is always something I have taken pride in, and it is our job to help you have a good time on the server. As a result, there are few things that we can and cannot do.

The way a staff member can play on a team is slightly more complicated. The basic expectations of things they cannot do are listed as follows:

  • Absolutely no joining another player’s team under any circumstances.
  • Absolutely no setting home at another player's base without permission from the player or a senior staff member.
  • Absolutely no playing with an alternative account on another team.

Despite not being able to play or interact with other teams on the server, there is a compromise. Instead of joining a team, staff members are permitted to make their own team on the server for other players to join.

If a staff member decides to start their own team, they are still governed by the same principles they would be if they weren't on a team. Griefing and raiding by a staff member are absolutely forbidden in all forms. However, a staff member's teammates are allowed to go out on griefing and raiding adventures on their own. PvP works a little differently, however. Aggressive PvP encounters are forbidden, but if their base is being raided or griefed, they are permitted to defend it and fight to get rid of the intruders.

Feb 4, 2015
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