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Official Server Rules

Read the official server rules about playing on CrystalCraftMC here.

Survival Server Rules

  1. Griefing, raiding, and PvP are allowed.
  2. No asking for items and services from staff.
    • Asking for minor help or minor assistance is permitted, but please be respectful of server staff’s time.
  3. No hacking or x-raying.
    • Hacking is the use of any outside modifications or third-party clients to obtain abnormal benefits that players using a vanilla Minecraft client would not have. Use of any modifications is not permitted.
    • X-raying is the use of a modification or resource pack that is used to find ores, bases, mob spawners, or anything you normally wouldn't be able to see. If you mine in irregular patterns (e.g. in the dark, random tunnels, etc.), staff will reserve the right to ban you for potentially using x-ray.
    • Hacking is one of the greatest problems with semi-vanilla servers, and as a result, we take it seriously. If you claim to use hacks (even if you are joking or aren't actually using them), we will believe you and you could be banned for using hacks.
  4. No spawn killing.
    • Spawn killing is defined by any PvP within a radius of 800 blocks from x: 0, z: 0, with the only exception being the PvP Arena.
    • Additionally, repetitively killing someone at a spawnpoint in either the Nether or The End is not permitted. The player must be given an opportunity to teleport away to spawn – if they continue to fight, then it is not spawn-killing.
  5. Spamming the chat is not permitted.
    • Repetitive messages consist of any similar message sent multiple times in a short period. Once you have sent a message, you do not need to resend it, regardless of whether or not you change a few characters.
  6. No advertising other servers.
    • Explicit Advertising: If you log on the server to intentional advertise the server, this is not permitted in any form. Do not post any IPs in the main chat.
    • Conversational Advertising: Sometimes mentioning other servers happen, but the main server chat is not the place to discuss other servers. If you want to talk about another server privately with a friend, please do so in private (spamming random players and advertising still counts as advertising).
  7. No causing drama.
    • Causing drama consists of any actions or behavior that would be considered unruly, disruptive, or negative by other players or server staff. This includes things such as harassing other players, insulting others, name calling, etc.
  8. No abusing any glitches in the game.
    • Taking advantage of any known glitches or abusive actions that staff would otherwise not condone can result in a temporary or permanent ban. If you know of a way to get around something, consult staff immediately and do not continually abuse it. We will find out.
  9. No excessive profanity or obscenity.
    • Any type of excessive profanity or obscenity is not appropriate for chat. Anything sexually, racially or ethnically inappropriate is not suitable for chat and will result in instant punishment. Keep in mind that while we do allow cursing, please do not abuse this privilege – if staff believes your profanity is disrupting the harmony of the server, we will reserve the right to mute you without warning.
    • This also includes obscene or inappropriate skins (at a staff member's own discretion).
  10. Always be respectful of server staff.
    • Server staff have willingly volunteered their time to help manage the server, and they are here to help. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, and we don’t always want to punish players. But when staff has to make decisions, you as the player must respect the decision, and if you have an issue with that decision, consult jflory7 privately.
  11. Using alternative accounts to evade punishments is prohibited.
    • Using any alternative account to evade a ban, mute, or other punishment is prohibited and will result in the same or doubled punishment on both the original account and the alternative account.
  12. English is the only permitted language in chat.
    • A majority of the server community speaks English and most people will not be able to understand foreign languages. For this reason, English is the only permitted language on the server.

Discord Rules

You can join the CrystalCraftMC Discord here.

  1. You are required to use the same username on Discord as your primary, in-game name on the Minecraft server. This means the exact same username (case sensitive).
  2. Spamming the text chat is not permitted. You can send messages frequently, but you should be contributing to the conversation. This is at the discretion of staff members to decide what is spam and what is not.
  3. You should be respectful and considerate of others with your own microphone. If you have background noises or are making unintelligible noise, you either need to use push-to-talk or keep your microphone muted. If you are making noises, you will either be moved, muted, or possibly banned.
  4. If you want to record voice chat in a public channel, get explicit consent of everyone in the channel.
    • Consent should be explicit from everyone in the channel if you record. That means a definite “yes” or “no”, not a “yeah” or “maybe”.
    • Be aware there is no guarantee someone isn’t recording with other software. People may record and have it justified by staff if it is regarding the behavior of other players that are breaking rules.
  5. If you choose to set an avatar, your avatar should be PG-13. Any profile pictures referring to sexual content, gore, explicit language, or other inappropriate content will be removed without warning. What constitutes an inappropriate avatar is at the discretion of staff members.
  6. In public channels, your discussions should be within the same guidelines and rules as the Minecraft servers. Inappropriate discussion topics or controversial topics are not appropriate for public channels. Generally, content involving politics, religion, or a sexual nature are NOT appropriate. Discussion about these topics should belong in a private channel.
    • The topics mentioned above are meant to be guidelines, not an exclusive list of things that cannot be discussed. What is appropriate and inappropriate is at the discretion of a staff member or other players in the channel.
  7. All decisions made by ANY other staff member are final. If you are banned from the voice server and feel it is not justified, please submit an Unban Request in the proper format on the forums.
  8. Private channels on the CrystalCraftMC will not be moderated or held accountable to most voice server rules (Rule #1 and #5 still apply). Public channels, such as those under “Player Channels” all fall under these rules and will always apply.
    • If you have an issue with the discussion, content, or behavior of others in private channels, please contact the creator / founder of the channel.

Compound Punishments

If you have been punished for breaking a rule in the past and you break a different rule unrelated to the rule you broke the first time, staff reserves the right to escalate your punishment to a higher degree for a past history of breaking rules.

Whenever you are punished for anything, be it a mute or a ban, you need to read these rules and re-familiarize yourself with them to make sure that you don’t break them again. Not reading these rules is not an excuse.

We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time.
Jun 14, 2014
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