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Mob Farm Rules and Regulations

Want to create a mob farm or some other kind of system using mobs on CrystalCraftMC? Learn what is allowed and what isn't so you don't lag our server and get banned.


It is important to remember that on survival multiplayer servers, players share a dynamic global mob cap. Due to the shared mob spawning numbers and limits, it is possible for even a single player to deactivate mob spawning, if they are not considerate. This makes it impossible for new players to get food from friendly mobs and to find monsters to kill.

For this reason and to generally keep lag from excessive mobs at a minimum, we require the players of CrystalCraftMC to follow these farming regulations for the sake of the server as a whole. We also have an automatic twenty minute AFK kick to prevent players from AFKing at spawners for too long. Making an AFK machine to bypass it would be considered a violation of Rule #8. Please do your best to adhere to these simple guidelines so we can all enjoy our grinding experience and loot while not taking hunting and killing natural mob spawns away from the other players.

What is a "farm"?

On CrystalCraftMC, a “farm” would be any area with a large number of mobs that may directly affect global spawn rates. “Farms” are required to be 128 blocks apart from one another in order to be considered separate. For example, if you had 100 cows in one pen and 100 more in another pen 20 blocks away, both of of those pens would count as the same farm and be a violation of farming regulations. If you have 100 cows in 1 pen and another 100 cows in a second pen with 128 blocks of space between the two, then the locations would qualify as two separate “farms” and the number of cows would not be an issue.

The distance of 128 has been selected because it is the distance from a player mobs load and render in game. Having them spaced so far apart prevents any one player from keeping every loaded mob at once and negatively impacting the mob count.

Passive Mob Farm Limit: 100 per Mob Type

These would be your traditional “farms” where animals are kept in pens for the purposes of being bred and harvested. In a single farm location, you may have 100 of each passive mob type. That means you can have 100 cows, 100 chickens, 100 sheep, 100 pigs, 100 villagers, 100 horses, and 100 wolves all in one place and it would be fine. You may not have 200 villagers because you have zero sheep; while attempting to apply that rationale would seem logical, the hard cap for any single passive mob type in a farm is 100 and that is that. For this reason, there is no need to put further guidelines for Iron Farms since they would all fall subject to the 100 villager cap for a farm.

Hostile Mob Farm: 400 Mobs (Hard Cap)

You should never allow the number of hostile mobs in your grinders to surpass 400 without a killing cycle. Unlike passive mobs, the mob type is not considered in this limit. 100 skeletons, 100 spiders, and 200 zombies would be 400 hostile mobs and the cap would be reached. You may NOT have 400 skeletons and 400 zombies just because you made a double-spawner – once the number of hostile mobs hits 400 total in your area, you are expected to kill them.

With normal spawners, this limit is easy to maintain via the twenty minute AFK kick, and as long as you do not violate Rule #8 to keep yourself from getting kicked, running a single spawner for twenty minutes should never be a problem. Players who have been lucky enough to find or make larger spawners (2+) will be expected to self-regulate their killing cycles to remain in compliance with the rules, in the event it produces more than 20 mobs per minute.

If you cannot self-regulate on your own, a staff member will regulate for you by removing your spawner from the game.

Gold Farms: 100 Full-Size (23x23) Nether Portals

Gold farms are the most extreme and troublesome farms. Players with gold farms will be expected to make sure their hostile mob numbers do not pass 400. A big enough gold farm will require either an auto-kill or killing cycles every ten minutes or less. To keep gold farms from getting too out of hand, we restrict the number of portals players may use at any given farm to 100.

Just as a frame of reference, a 100 full-size portal farm would require a minimum of 7,014 pieces of obsidian and would create a network of 44,100 portal blocks that will require a kill cycle about every five minutes in order to keep from violating the rules. No player ever needs a larger farm than that and players should consider carefully if they will be able to maintain the farm they are building one.

Farming zombie pigmen from portals is a luxury – not a right. Please remember that deactivating gold farms is as easy as changing the word 'true' to 'false' in the server settings. Keep this in mind when building your farms. If we can not use them responsibly as individuals, the solution will be to end it for everyone by globally disabling them.

Custom spawner distance

Player-placed hostile mob spawners must have a minimum of 20 blocks between one another. Players are required to make sure their farms do not exceed the hostile mob limit.

Player-placed passive mob spawners may be placed closer to one another than 20 blocks, provided they are equipped with either an automated kill device or an off switch to prevent excessive spawning that would violate the rules.

Mob spawner farms that do not adhere to the regulations are subject to destruction without warning or compensation.

Jul 1, 2015
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