1. Welcome to the CrystalCraftMC website and forums, guest! If you are signing up to get Member, please use your EXACT Minecraft username as your website username to get the Member rank!


  1. Staff

    All badges relating to staff positions.

    1. Retired Staff

      A community member who once served as a staff member, but chose to retire.

    2. Event Coordinator

      Any staff member who helps coordinate server events.

    3. Developer

      Any staff or community member who has contributed code to the CrystalCraftMC.

    4. Builder

      Any current staff member who helps build official server structures.

  2. Ranks

    All badges for ranks purchasable in our store. Once you earn a badge, it is earned for life - even when the rank expires in-game, you will still have your forum badge.

    1. Citizen


    2. Sentry


    3. Mage


    4. Templar


    5. Caesar


    6. Oracle


    7. Immortal


  3. Special

    All badges that are awarded by the server owner for special purposes.

    1. SpigotMC Member

      User has an account on the SpigotMC forums and has notified jflory7 of their account.

    2. MINECON 2015

      Attended MINECON 2015 and high-fived @jflory7 at the SpigotMC Booth!

  4. Achievements

    All special badges that can be earned by players either in-game or on the forums.

    1. Registered+

      Climbed the social ladder! Posted 100+ times, has 50+ post ratings, registered for 90+ days

    2. Website Beta Tester

      Tested this site before we officially moved on 2014 March 28

    3. Top Voter

      Made it on to the Top 10 Total Votes list at least once

    4. Top Monthly Voter

      Made it onto the Top Monthly Voter list at least once

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