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Official website for the semi-vanilla Minecraft server CrystalCraftMC.

Do you want free emeralds, gold, XP, diamonds, and more?
Awesome, because we have a bunch of them!

You're likely asking…
"What crazy thing do I have to do for these items?"

The best part:
It only takes a vote!

All you have to do is vote for
CrystalCraftMC on the sites below!

You get one vote per day on each site, so make
sure you vote every day to build your supplies!​

Hey CrystalCraftMC!

I'd like to give you a warm and formal welcome to the new and improved CrystalCraftMC website! We've been working on this website for months, and we're proud to finally be able to present it to you.

Everything is cleaner, simpler, and much prettier! We hope our new website makes you just as happy as it makes us. If you have any questions, feel free to check out the forums and ask away!
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