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Hello CrystalCrafters!

Yes, it's time for another monthly update! I don't have as many things to cover, but everything I do have to cover is big and important! So read on for important info.

Minecraft 1.8
Finally, it has come. Finally, it has happened. Full Minecraft 1.8 has finally come to CrystalCraftMC, thanks to the fantastic Spigot development team. We are now using the full version of Minecraft 1.8, so all of your 1.8 plans and ideas should now be working! Feel free to play around with slime blocks and armor stands, hunt down some guardians, and make a rabbit petting zoo!

Also, there are a few small bugs with 1.8, but nothing major. The biggest thing that @InfiniteCorners and I have found is that our XP Shops and banking system are going to need to be fixed because of some game-breaking bugs. In the meanwhile, the XP Shops will be closed for renovation, but we hope to open then again soon.

However, there is one major bug that everyone needs to be aware of…

Corrupt Player Data Files from Rules Book
Some of you may have already witnessed other players having this issue. Perhaps some of you were the users who had this problem, like @Marine774 and @symbolater.

But long story short, Minecraft 1.8 has bugged out our Rules books, and it has made them into death traps. Literally, if you try opening one, it will crash your client every time you log in. This is the only PSA we will make about this. Do not open any server rule books or else you may lose your inventory and ender chest!

Consider this your only warning. If you disregard this notice or happen to not read this post, you will need to contact an Admin or myself to fix your file for you. We might be able to recover your ender chest if you are able to log onto TeamSpeak3 to coordinate with us, but your inventory is more than likely guaranteed to be...
Trick or Treat!

It's that time of year again where smart Steves give out goodies to all the little ghouls and goblins in hopes they doesn't get griefed with eggs. In that tradition: 10 Hidden Huts have been placed in the deiced area of spawn (The half with no crystals). Players will have all day to try hunting down and collecting all 10 rewards. Can you get them all?
Hey CrystalCrafters,

It’s that time of the month for a front page post. This month, we actually have a lot to report, so you’re definitely going to want to read all of this one!

Fall Fair
For the past two weeks, the CCMC Staff and the one and only MinecraftBrookie, have been cooperatively working on one of the biggest events we have ever coordinated! Thanks to all of the amazing staff helping run the server on a daily basis, we are planning to have some festive fun to celebrate the bringing in of autumn!

We are planning to host a full on fair / carnival for all of players to visit and participate in! We’re already getting in the spirit for Halloween, as you’ve probably been able to tell if you’ve seen spawn! However, there is so much more being planned as well! We are putting together a fairgrounds for you all to come and visit. Here, we will have all kinds of things for you to do, such as a haunted house, minigame booths, mazes, and more! Plus, most of this events will have some awesome prizes involved as well, so you’re definitely not going to want to miss out!

Store Reopening
: The store is currently not open yet, but it will visible in the next 48 hours!

After almost two months of the store being offline, I have made the decision to reopen our Shop again. With this, the old ranks have been retired, and we have introduced an entirely new class of ranks for you to purchase and check out. With these comes new commands and abilities that weren’t included in the old ranks, so it’s definitely worth checking out! See more about them here.

As for our current donors, there won’t be much changing except for one thing. In one week’s time, we will be phasing out the /back command in all of its entirety. This decision was made for a multiple number of reasons, and it is definite. Outside of this, all of the old donor ranks will remain exactly the same...
Hello CrystalCrafters,

jflory7 here with another update. There's been a lot of things going on in the world of Minecraft over the past six months, particularly in the past month alone. I'm going to try to cover some of these things as well as other things going on in the server.

Creative Server
As some of you may have realized already, I have decided to retire the creative server permanently last night because of the low activity on the creative server. I believe it is in our best interest for CrystalCraftMC if we focus on what we've always done best — our survival server. It has caused a few problems to have to maintain both the survival and creative server, and this will make it easier for myself and other staff members to maintain the server and ensure that everything is flowing well on a daily basis.

I do realize that many of you invested a lot of time on some of those plots, and I don't want to take away your work from you! Therefore, I have uploaded the entire creative server world to my server so that anyone can download it if they so choose to.

CREATIVE WORLD DOWNLOAD LINK: http://mirror.justinwflory.com/pub/minecraft/ccmc/creative.tar.gz

Retiring Staff, New Staff
In the past couple of weeks, we've had a few staff members retire and a few new staff members join the team.

However, before I get into that, I'd like to give an update about InfiniteCorners. Many of you remember that he was originally brought onto the staff team as a temporary admin back in July. This was originally the intention, but because of recent events and low staff, I promoted Infinite to a permanent Admin to help out with the server as a full staff member. As every other staff member, he is here to help and will assist me in running the server.

Next, I'd like to give a proper send-off to @fortification45, @CodeBaka, and @ImKingsor. In the past month or...
Currently the protocol patch for MC 1.8 is REALLY buggy. We're working to fix this but may have to wait for a new stable build. Fortunately since this is just a patch and not full 1.8 you guys won't be missing anything by continuing to use your favorite version of 1.7.X with optifine. Sorry for the inconvenience but if you want to play and can't seem to keep from crashing- Just switch back to 1.7.X and you should be fine.

This announcement is going to be short and sweet! Probably the biggest question of all that most of you have right now is… what’s the plan for the update?! What’s going to happen?! Fortunately for you, all of this is good news! As some of you may or may not have been aware of already, the server software we use called Spigot has released a protocol update for Minecraft 1.8. All this means is that we will be able to update almost immediately after Minecraft 1.8 is released, but the server will not have any new items or blocks from 1.8 quite yet. Those should be coming quite soon, but I can’t guarantee when they will be coming!

As for the actual update process, I am planning on updating the server to the 1.8 protocol update around 10:30pm EST. Before this, I will be running a complete and total backup of each server to ensure that if something horrible does go wrong, we will have a near immediate backup ready to be deployed to fix the server. However, I am not expecting anything bad to happen as this should be a fairly seamless update.

If you have any 1.8-related questions, please feel free to ask below!

- @jflory7
Hey CrystalCrafters,

jflory7 here, and I've got some great news to share with all of you!

The LAST Sale
As many of you have heard already, the Mojang revised their End-User License Agreement a few months ago, and they are planning on enforcing the changes after August 1st, 2014. CrystalCraftMC fully plans to comply with the EULA enforcement, and after August 1st, we will no longer sell any ranks or kits.

However, to celebrate a last hoorah, we will be running a 25% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store. Yes, that means everything, from Merchant to Hero to Overlord! This is the biggest sale we have ever run, and it will be the last sale we ever have on ranks and kits! If there has been something you've been keeping your eye on… now is the time to grab it before it's gone!

This sale ends for good on August 1st, 2014!

PvP Competition
Many of you will be excited to hear this… after much consideration, CrystalCraftMC will be hosting a PvP Competition on July 31st, at 4:00pm EST!
That's right! In two days, we will be having a huge PvP Competition in a custom-built arena just for this event! As we've done before, there will be incredible prizes for the top 3 winners of the competition!

1st Place
Sharpness VI Diamond Sword
(yes, that's a SIX!)

2nd Place
Get your favorite sword colored with a custom name!

3rd Place
Silk Touch Enchanted Book

Based on past events, participation will be based on who is online once the competition begins! If you want in on this, make sure you're on time! Just to be safe, I've made a time conversion table for you below.
Eastern Standard Time: 4:00pm
Central Standard Time:...
Hey CrystalCrafters!

It's been a fairly quiet month in terms of official news for the server! We haven't had a post in the News & Announcements section for about a month. Despite this, things have been pretty busy here at CCMC behind-the-scenes!

Temporary Admin
As most of you have probably noticed, you may have seen @InfiniteCorners as the temporary admin in-game. I'd like to take a minute to explain this.

On Sunday morning, I will be away from home for two weeks at a university in New York. During this time, I will have limited access to the server, so my activity will be dropping off significantly. While I will have some access to the forums, it will not be as much as I would hope to have. Because of this inactivity, InfiniteCorners will be helping pick up the slack during July and help keep things running smoothly, as he used to be a former admin a few months ago.

For those of you who have been active, you might know that Infinite is a part of the GIBS raiding team. I realize that many of you may be concerned about this; however, while Infinite is filling in as a staff member, any information he obtains during his term as a temporary staff member will not be able to be used once he returns to being a normal player. As many of you know, we hold our server staff in high regard and only select the best caliber of people to help us run the server, and nothing is changing with the temporary filling of an admin position. Your hard work in survival is not being compromised under any circumstances, and you will not be affected negatively any form by this.

Survival Games
I have been busy tweaking the Survival Games server settings for the past couple of weeks, but I have not made any significant progress on this yet. Seeing as I will be leaving for two weeks on Sunday, I will not be able to start the beta testing process for this gamemode yet. For now, it seems we have our hands full...
Hey CrystalCrafters!

June is shaping up to be an awesome month, and staff has been hard at work to make this summer one of the best yet! Last night, we made public one of the many projects we are working on, and believe me, there's more to come!

The Hub
For those of you who have already seen it, CrystalCraftMC now has its own lobby that players can connect to access other minigames or gamemodes! CCMC has been only survival for almost two years, and we figured it was time to mix things up a bit and give you guys more options to have fun on CCMC!

Immediately, you'll probably notice the portals to different servers if you type /server lobby. Currently, the only portal open is the survival portal, which goes to the world that is currently up.

The other two options you'll notice is SkyBlock and Survival Games. Many of you are familiar with these minigames on Minecraft servers already, and they will finally be making an appearance on CrystalCraftMC!

We're aiming to open SkyBlock this month and open Survival Games in July, so for now, you'll have to remain patient as staff works hard at tweaking the experience to make sure it's as great of an experience as we can make it!

Beta Testers
Well, maybe you're just not the patient type!

If you're not, then we may be able to use your help. @jflory7 and the rest of staff may not know as much as some of you guys about what's fun and what isn't, so we want beta testers to help us tweak the new minigames to be a fun and fair experience for everyone!

To be a beta tester, it will require a level of commitment and deep thinking on your part. In exchange for early access and a few benefits, we ask that you will help us test certain settings and help represent all the players to help staff make a unique experience that will be fun for others. It will be your job to play these minigames and tell us what...
Hey CrystalCrafters,

It's summertime! A lot of you are already out of school, and some of you are almost there! Or maybe some of you finished school years ago.

Regardless of which category you fall under, the sunshine is coming and the temperature is rising… and all the prices in the CrystalCraftMC Webstore are dropping!

We're introducing ALL types of sales in the store that will last until June 21st! Make sure you take advantage of the savings while they last!

5% off everything: BitCoin
If you buy anything in the Webstore with BitCoin,
you will instantly get 5% off your entire cart.​

T-Shirt Craze
We have our last three t-shirts in stock, and they're almost gone!
We have a Medium, a Large, and an Xtra-Large, and to anyone
who buys a shirt before June 21st, you will get one FREE rank*
and one FREE kit! If you live in the US, all the t-shirts are
$19.99 and I will personally ship them to you in a week.
PM me if you buy a shirt and tell me what kit you want!
(*Note: Does not apply for Emperor / Overlord. You can get double
kits if you are a Commander or higher)

10% off: All Ranks
All the ranks from Merchant to Commander have been marked off
by 10%! This is the best time to buy a rank for the next six months,
and there has never been a better time to get that rank for a low price!​

20% off: Emperor and Overlord
Maybe you've already donated before and you're looking to take the
next step to one of the bigger ranks. If so, then this is the best one
for you! The two biggest ranks, Emperor and Overlord, have been
marked off by 20%! Even you could finally own that bedrock vault!​

Coupon: SUMMER
This is a special coupon that applies to all of our kits!
If you spend $15 or more on kits, you can get $5...​