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Hey CrystalCrafters,

Thanksgiving is this week in the US. Every year, the holiday is for coming together with friends, family, and community to be thankful for the blessings in our life. In the twenty-first century, many of our friends and communities are spread by many miles. To me, CrystalCraftMC is an example of this. CCMC is a place for fun gaming, dastardly conniving, and a place that some of you call "home" (for Minecraft servers)!

Thank you all for being a part of this community, whether you've been here for five years or five months. I'm grateful for all of you this year.

Stay tuned for some other news for this December. More to follow!

- Justin (@jflory7)​
Hello everyone! Over the past month I have worked with @Echophox and some other individuals to make a video for @jflory7 to thank him for these incredible 5 years. I want to personally thank @jflory7 again for making this server and making sure it sticks to its roots. It’s incredible all of the history/memories that was created in these 5 years, from the yugioh cards to the dirty dirt everything had it’s purpose. I also REALLY want to thank @Echophox for doing AN AMAZING job on this video, I don’t think anyone could of made it better. Anyways here is the video.

@jflory7 will be making an official post in the coming days, please stay tuned for that. Currently he is in a big transition period.

This post is an addition to the original Soft World Reset thread – before reading this thread, you should read that one first!

- - - - -​

Hey CrystalCrafters! As you probably are aware, we are doing a soft reset on our world in another two weeks. Yesterday, the new world is officially open, despite a delay on my part (super sorry to everyone who waited up late for it to happen)! Now that the new world is officially open, here's some extra details you should know about the world reset.

New overworld, new Nether, new End
To clarify earlier questions, this world reset will affect all worlds, including the overworld, the Nether, and The End. So, all at once, we will have six worlds on the server for the next two weeks. There's some important details you should know about how accessing these worlds will work.
  • All existing Nether and End portals will take you to the OLD worlds – the only way to access the new Nether and the new End is by using the portals placed at spawn! Make sure you use those if you have to move things from the extra worlds.
    • To check which world you're in, there are prefixes in-game that show the world someone is in. If you're unsure, just type a chat message and you will know instantly.
  • On March 18th, all three of the old overworlds, Nether, and End will be permanently archived. Make sure you move any belongings or secret bases accordingly.

World borders
As mentioned in the original announcement, the overworld border is now 100,000. But the Nether and End also get their own borders now too.
  • Overworld border: 100,000
  • Nether border: 25,000
  • The End...
The new world opens on 2017 March 04.
The old world closes on 2017 March 18.

Additional info about what worlds are affected, what the border sizes are, and Overlord vaults can be found here!

What is a soft reset?
A soft reset is when we load up another world at the same time as the current one. This will allow you move your items across the worlds. In short, it is a new world with the ability to move your items to the new world for two weeks.

Why are we doing a soft reset?
After much deliberation and comments from players, the staff team has come to the conclusion to open a new world at the same time as our current world, and to connect them together for two weeks. The current world will be removed once players have moved into the new world within the given time frame. This also allows the new structures and blocks from recent Minecraft updates to generate in a new world too.

How can you move items across worlds?
You can move your items across worlds in various ways. There will be a portal at spawn that will teleport you into the new world. We currently have two options.
  • Self-moving: You, the player, will bring all of your items through the portal at spawn and bring them to your new base. A side note: if you have more than one set home you can use that as an advantage for easier travel convenience.

  • Base copy: This method has been used in previous years and we are happy to bring it back, but we have changed it a little bit. A base copy is when an Administrator takes a copy of your base then brings it over to the new world with all of its components. Your base in the old world will be nuked and destroyed after your base is successfully pasted in the new world with all of its components. This year we...
Hey CrystalCrafters,

December has descended upon us as 2016 slowly comes to a close. It's been a year to remember, and we celebrated our fourth anniversary this year. Soon, we'll be cruising towards our five year anniversary. If where you call home is starting to celebrate winter festivities, happy holidays to you, your family, and friends from the CCMC staff team! Now, onto the big news!

Minecraft 1.11 update
Did you hear? CrystalCraftMC is now running 1.11 on all of our servers! This new version of Minecraft has some amazing features, including new curse enchantments, mobs, and blocks! For example, we have a new Shulker Box, which is a chest that keeps its contents after being broken (wowza!). Some more awesome features added are:
You can find info on any of theses new features on the Minecraft 1.11 wiki page. If you notice any issues on the server with 1.11, report them in the Network Problems forum to help by informing us when you find bugs.

Christmas is almost here!
Christmas is right around the corner and CCMC is in the Christmas mood. We have a Christmas tree and...

Hello CrystalCrafters!

As you've probably noticed, we've been down for a few days now. This was due to an ongoing power issue at the location where the machine is kept. This problem has kept the server down for the past few days. The bad news is that we need to get someone to the location in person.

But the good news is that we have an ETA on just when we will be able to get the server back online:

The Server is estimated to be back up sometime this Friday, August 19, 2016.
(for those of you who saw @dellman135's post before it was edited, his date of the 26th is incorrect, this ^^^ is the correct date)

We apologize for the downtime, as well as the delay in order to get the server back up. @jflory7 will be driving to where the server is hosted in order to get it back online, which is a very, very lengthy drive.

In addition:

All future updates will be posted here, rather than the other threads used to keep up with this situation. If the ETA changes in any way, it will be posted here.

Again, we apologize for this, and thank you all for understanding.

Ultimate out,
~Bye Bits
Hey CrystalCrafters!

Two short updates for you all.

BRAJO Drop Party
On July 1, 2016, we will be hosting a big drop party on the server to help officially welcome in the BRAJO community to CrystalCraftMC! This drop party's theme is #ServerThrowback. We're planning on dropping items that are historical or reminiscent of some of the big milestones in CCMC history. We also will be dropping some rare items to help celebrate the history of BRAJO and some of the players that helped shape eras of their server.

This will be one of the more fun drop parties we've created items for in a long time! I know I'm excited to bring back some old items, memories, and more with some awesome collector items. There will also be plenty of gear to help get new players started on the server too! If you have ideas for items to include in this drop party, please leave a comment in this thread with some of your wishes for items you'd like to see.

The Drop Party will begin on Friday, July 01, 2016, at 22:00 UTC. This translates to…
  • 12:00am UTC+2 (Oslo)
  • 11:00pm UTC+1 (London)
  • 6:00pm US EST
  • 3:00pm US PST
  • 12:00pm US Hawaiian Standard Time
Hopefully we will get to see as many of you as possible out on Friday!

Connectivity issues
Many people have noticed the intermittent connectivity issues the past few days. This has been a problem that I have been largely trying to mitigate, but much of it is outside of my control. To help improve performance, the TeamSpeak3 server and certain frameworks were moved into a new infrastructure. You shouldn't notice any of these changes, but it should help resolve the problems that many people have had over the past few days, or at least stabilize them.

I'm keeping a close watch on the issue and should be able to tell more if anything comes up. Thank you for everyone for your patience these past few days, and hopefully these problems will come to...
Hey CrystalCrafters,

Today, I’d like to make a special announcement about some new friends that will be joining us soon.

Introducing Jordan
At MINECON last year, I had the honor to meet a long-time friend, Jordan Taylor (@jtaylor69). Jordan is a moderator of the Minecraft server software community SpigotMC with me. He has run his own Minecraft server network since July 2012 (even older than us)! Jordan has led the BRAJO community for these four years and has helped grow and foster the community there.

As of July 1st, 2016, BRAJO will be closing down all of its Minecraft servers. Jordan made this decision based on personal events in his own life and not having the time he once had to devote to managing the network.

Welcoming the BRAJO community
Jordan and I have discussed about his server previously, and he asked me if CrystalCraftMC might be able to help welcome the players from his community. I agreed to accept the BRAJO community to CCMC.

Over the next month, you may be seeing many new players from the BRAJO network begin popping up on CrystalCraftMC. I ask that you all give them a warm welcome for those that choose to come join us here on CCMC. It’s never an easy thing when a community that has lasted for four years loses their server, so I hope we can all help warmly welcome and invite them to our community and help make them feel at home.

Thank you both CrystalCrafters and BRAJO players. I hope to see both of you online very soon!

- @jflory7 and the CCMC Staff​
Hey CrystalCrafters!

I have a short and sweet announcement. As of a few minutes ago, all of CrystalCraftMC is updated to Minecraft 1.10! You should now be able to log in with the newest version of the game.

As with any update, there are always a few problems. This thread will be updated over time if any more problems or issues are found with the server. This may be fixed very soon. If they are, they will be crossed off this list.
  • "Freeze" blocks: When walking on blocks that are not a full block (e.g. slabs, chests, daylight sensors, heads, etc.), you will completely freeze and not be able to move. You will be able to use /spawn or /home, but be aware you will not be able to move on any of these blocks. This should be fixed soon… This should now be fixed!
  • 1.10 crashes: Some players are reporting game crashing when using 1.10. It's unclear whether this is a Minecraft bug or a server bug. Anyone with this issue is encouraged to contact me for helping test. Check out @Resource's thread on fixing your client!
Thanks for being patient while we get updated to 1.10, everyone! Hope to see you all online soon. If you have any questions, problems, or other concerns about the update, please post them in this thread!

- @jflory7 and the CCMC Staff​
Hey CrystalCrafters!

Another long gap since I’ve had the chance to make an announcement post. I’m happy to share some pretty big updates about what’s coming on the server this summer, what’s in store in the near future, and what all is going on for the next few months!

We’ll cut straight to the news.

Next generation of CCMC minigames
For the past two months, the CCMC staff has been hard at work. We’ve been testing. We’ve been experimenting. We’ve been perfecting. And now we’re finally ready to share what we’ve been working on.

This Friday, June 3rd, 2016, at 7:00pm US EST, CrystalCraftMC introduces its first-ever Mob Arena to the public! Mob Arena, often shortened to MA, is a new type of arena where you and your friends can face off against endless waves of mobs for prizes. You can choose from a variety of kits to use in the arena to face the hoards. With each wave that passes, the prizes grow better but the mobs more fierce! You will encounter zombie hoards, skeleton armies, and terrifying spider bosses as you face off for glory, fame, and ultimate bragging rights.

The arena itself was designed by staff members on the server and the wave configuration was built from the ground up and tested by our amazing beta testers. It’s been tried and true, and after a long time of waiting to reveal, we are ready to bring it out to everyone.

Tune in this Friday on the server to get in on the action yourself! On behalf of myself and the CCMC staff, we’re looking forward to seeing you all try it out.


Summer heat melting away prices
Okay, maybe predictable puns aren’t quite my thing. But to kick off the summer right, we’re going to launch a sale across the entire store for 10% off all ranks until June 7th, 2016!...