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by jflory7 at 12:09 AM
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Hey CrystalCrafters,

It’s been close to a full month since our last real front page news post, so it’s about time for some new news. The staff have been working very hard these past few weeks, and we’re pleased to announce three major events that we will be bringing to you in September and October!

Skin Contest
Opening today, we have a new special contest opening up: the CrystalCraftMC Skin Contests are finally returning! Some of you may remember the skin contests we held way in the past, and we learned just how creative some of you can be. We want to give you an opportunity to show your talent to the community by entering in our special skin contests!

The Skin Contest is being led by @321MCBlaster and @Marshox66, and they will be managing the entire contest. After the submission window closes, both of them and myself will act as judges, and we will choose winners from all of the submissions....
by jflory7 at 4:47 AM
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Registered+ Rank

What is a Registered+?
A Registered+ member is just what it sounds like – they are players on the server who are active, dedicated, and are true fans of CrystalCraftMC! This is a way for us to reward our dedicated players on the server with a little bonus.

What does a Registered+ get?
Registered+ members get three homes instead of the normal two given to normal members. Additionally, every month, a Member+ is allowed access to a new kit of premium items that will help them out in surviving! In the past, we have given away Protection IV Diamond Chestplates, Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxes, Wither skulls, real spawn eggs, god apples, and more!

If you are a Registered+ member, type /kit bonus to claim your monthly kit....
by jflory7 at 3:13 AM
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Edit: The server is now open!
To join, type /ccb anywhere
on the CrystalCraftMC Network!

Hello CrystalCrafters,

I am pleased to share some very exciting news with you about CrystalCraftMC’s next project. Over the course of the past seven months, the staff and myself have been diligently at work preparing to launch two new servers for the CrystalCraftMC network, and one of them is finally here.

Introducing CrystalCraft Bros.
Opening next Friday, 2015 July 31, at approximately 1:00pm US EST,
CrystalCraftMC is proud to introduce CrystalCraft Bros. to our network.

What is it?
CrystalCraft Bros. is a new gamemode launching on CrystalCraftMC that is based off of the classic Nintendo title,...
by jflory7 at 12:39 PM
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Hey CrystalCrafters!

This will be a brief and quick post. In just six days, MINECON 2015 will be starting at the ExCeL London center in London, England! I have been busy making final preparations for the trip and I am looking forward to be representing CCMC at the largest Minecraft event of the year. But let's get to it.

For those of you who will be attending MINECON, you all will be able to get a free full sticker set that we just had printed! If you will be in London and wish to say hello, please let me know this week if you will be attending so I can pack accordingly.

Current CrystalCrafters at MINECON / London:

And now, it's time for a sale! We are doing a special one-time sale that will last until 2015 July 5! All of the MINECON Sponsor ranks have been discounted at 15% per rank. Now is the time to...
by jflory7 at 9:11 PM
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Hey CrystalCrafters,

After eight months of anticipation, it’s finally time to implement something new. And it’s going to happen fast, so grab some caffeine – you’ll need it this week.

After much deliberation and planning, the world is going to be permanently and completely reset on the afternoon of June 11th, 2015.

This decision did not come lightly, and we are committed towards following through with this reset. As this is on short notice, there are a few things that I would like to cover with you so we all get through the next few days.

Transferring of Items, Inventory, and Chests
For the first time in over two years, CrystalCraftMC will undergo a complete and full world reset. This means that no items, chests, bases, or inventories will be moved over from the old world to the new world. If you previously bought a vault, it will still be yours, but it will be empty. Everything will be wiped clean and everyone will start from the same place....
by InfiniteCorners at 4:36 PM
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Hello CrystalCrafters.

The time has come, at long last, to update all the redstone and commands that run the experience shops. As some of you may already know, I built the guts for the shop in 1.5 and other than making minor adjustments upon updates the shop has never really gotten a full tune-up to incorporate all off the wonderful new things Minecraft has added since 1.5. Back in 1.7, the shops had a face-lift, but even that was just upgrading the huts I built back in 1.5.

When 1.8 came out, we actually had to remove items so we could add some of the new toys simply because the area was never made to be expanded. In light of all these facts, it has become obvious that a ground-up rebuild of everything is needed for this.

New and Improved
One thing you may notice when using the new shops is that they are quicker and more accurate. The changes made to the redstone means that the time from button press to transaction completion is about 3x as fast...
by jflory7 at 9:11 AM
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Hey CrystalCrafters!

It has been a few months since a real update about what’s going on with the server, so I think it’s time to give everyone a big comprehensive overview of everything that’s going on! There are five things I would like to cover today.

Due to a series of unexpected events, I am fortunate enough to be able to attend MINECON 2015 this year! As part of Mojang’s Agent program, I applied to be a helper / intern for the duration of the convention back in early March. The program offers the opportunity for dedicated members of the Minecraft community to attend MINECON to help set up the convention, direct convention-goers, run tournaments, escort VIPs, and meet the developers! I will be volunteering one of the days that I am at MINECON - the other day will be a free day for me to attend the convention like a normal attendee. I would like to thank the Spigot community and...
by jflory7 at 6:20 AM
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I am actually very happy to say that there are absolutely no plans to close CrystalCraftMC any time soon, and I am looking forward to taking us through another three years, if not more. Even though I will be heading out to college this year, this should not have a drastic impact on my time for managing the server nor will it affect my ability to responsibly manage it. If anything, some of the skills and experience I pick up in my major should play a positive impact back towards the server.

As for the server funds, in case you saw the image I posted earlier, it was doctored. Unlike the nefarious owner of MedievalCraft, I have remained diligent with balancing the server budget, and I have made sure that we have enough to support ourselves long into the future. So, needless to say, the server is certainly stable for a good while, and who knows, perhaps we might see some special guests over this summer!

I am...
by jflory7 at 9:24 AM
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Hey CrystalCrafters!

If it's not too late already, happy new year! As we move into 2015, it makes me happy to see that the server has sustained and prospered for so long, and I look forward to another fantastic year of being your server owner.

I figured it's been a bit quiet on the front so I'd post a brief update of what's going on. One thing that made me happy was just in the past couple of weeks, we hit over 50 players online at once, which hasn't happened in a good amount of time! Activity on the server has been doing really well.

Development Team
For those of you who haven't heard of this already, @Jacc734, @Jwood9198, and myself have formed the first-ever CCMC Development Team. After the three of us found out that we had similar skills and abilities in our Java programming (i.e. the language that Minecraft and our server software are coded in), we decided we would collaborate on a good number of projects to try...
by jflory7 at 2:41 PM
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Ho ho ho!

Happy holidays, CrystalCrafters! No matter what holiday you're celebrating, I hope you're all staying warm and getting some relaxation for the next few days while you're off of work and/or school. I have some good news to share with you!

Tonight, Crystal Clause is coming to town!

That's right — all of the good boys and girls of CCMC can get something from the big man himself! However, if you want him to visit you, you have to do a few things first!

  1. Reply to this thread with a small list of what you want from Crystal Clause! (Remember, he has to visit a lot of people, so keep your list reasonable or else he may just give you coal!)
  2. Leave cookies and milk out in a special chest by a tree in your base!
  3. If you really want to make Crystal Clause happy, make a chimney in your base for him to climb down!
Crystal Clause will be reading this very thread tonight, so make sure you're on your best behavior! Check...