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Hi everyone,

In case you missed the news on the CrystalCraftMC Discord, CrystalCraftMC closed on December 10th, 2018. Since then, I worked with @InfiniteCorners and @_stevoism_ to archive the old worlds and make them downloadable. Today, I am happy to finally share the downloads.
I know these took a long time to get online. I appreciate your patience in waiting for these. I hope to host these files for a long time, but the survival worlds are very large. If you are interesting in getting a copy, please download one as soon as possible.

Thanks again to everyone who made the six years of CrystalCraftMC amazing. :cool:
All maintenance work is complete.

Hi all,

I am planning to run some maintenance work on the website and move the website to a new machine. Some downtime is expected during the two-hour maintenance window. At the end of the maintenance window, the website should be back online. There shouldn't be any noticeable changes after the migration.

If you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance, feel free to leave comments in this thread. Thanks!

- Justin
The new spawn has finally been loaded onto the server. I have tested everything I could think of and everything appears to be working as intended although bugs are always possible so if you find an issue let me know and we'll take care of it. A special thanks to @StellBell2866 and @Flora_Fox17 for their help decorating this massive project.

The biggest change you will notice is that the shops are now located in spawn rather than having a separate home in the End. The item changes discussed in the thread here have been added to the shops with the exception of the head and flower villagers which will be added to the faire area outside of the pvp arena within the next couple of days. The bartender and barista villagers have been moved to @Natzic 's tavern and Ed the Oologist can now be found inside the Library. The Library now controls dispensing books using the scoreboard, to ensure everyone gets a chance to get a book, and there are several slots for additional books to be published there.

Also added to spawn is the new CCMC Stables which gives players the ability to purchase their choice of tamed and saddled horse, skeleton horse, zombie horse, or donkey. After making a purchase at the stables a player will have 30 seconds to teleport where they want the animal to spawn. The horses can spawn in for the player at any location including spawn, the End or the Nether. Because the horses can spawn within the spawn borders I have changed the region to allow mounting and dismounting them although the horses can NOT fit through the shop doors so make sure you leave the shop before it's summoned or the horse will be stuck and need to be killed by staff (horses can only be killed by players in the arena).

On top of the castle you can find an "Elytra Launch Pad" where a Jump Boost 30 pad will send you as high up as I can get you without NCP thinking...
Hello again Crafters,

I mentioned a little while ago that we were going to be working on the ranks to add some improvements and fix a couple things that have been broken. This rank revision will be unlike any previous rank overhaul done before because this time we will be altering the existing ranks rather than creating new ones which means donors who have already bought their ranks will be experiencing the changes as well.

Not every rank is having something major changed about it but every rank will be getting something and it is worth looking at the changes below to see what's going on. These changes are planned to be put into effect on 8/14/2018. This is of special importance to any donor rank Oracle or Immortal because we plan to remove /powertool which means you will have 2 weeks to unbind any powertool'd commands before the permission node is removed and you will no longer be able to. If down the road a player finds a powertool'd item that needs unbound they can contact an owner or administrator and we can try to arrange fixing it however we are giving you 2 weeks to take care of it yourself so we suggest you take the time now rather than creating a hassle later. I will remind everyone the use of a powertool to execute commands in regions where they are forbidden is against the rules and 'I forgot it was powertool'd' is not an acceptable response. If we learn players are using set powertools to break the rules even after the command has been removed they will be punished.

Alterations concerning the execution of commands during purchase will not be experienced by new players. For instance if we add an item to a rank or change the expiry timeline existing donors won't receive those perks since the commands associated with their rank have already been executed and timelines set. Alterations concerning commands and permissions will take immediate effect across all donors, current and future. All in all I hope your...
Hello again Crafters,

As most of you likely already know the staff team has been working hard to develop a new spawn and rework the shops to make them compatible with the new 1.13 command structure. With all that work under way we've decided that now would be a great time to reevaluate what we're selling in the shops, and get some player input on what you'd all like to be able to buy there. What we sell in the shops hasn't been updated since 1.8 and, input or not, it's time to clear off the shelves and bring in some new inventory.

Below you'll find a list of the different shops and the items currently being sold. Some items are popular and will remain in the shops (such as the dyes) while other shops have open slots that need filled and/or have items we'd be willing to change. The list has been color coded so you can tell which is which. Feel free to offer and suggestions you have for individual shop items or to build a whole new shops list if you'd like. We will determine pricing for the items after we decide what all we'd like to offer so don't worry about adding suggested pricing, we have that covered. Also, remember some items will not likely ever be sold in the shops: such as diamond items, end portal frames, etc. You can suggest it if you want but don't hold your breath waiting for implementation.

Thank you all for your time, we hope to hear from you all soon.
Happy Mining.
CCMC Staff Team

Green = Items being kept in the shops
Orange = Items we're willing change
Red = Missing items needing replacement

Scholar's Shop

  1. Book and Quill
  2. 16 Paper
  3. Painting
  4. Item Frame
  5. Jukebox
  6. Unwritten Map
  7. Human Head

Jouster's Shop (Maybe...
It's been a while since there have been any changes to the XP shops so without further delay...

Wait a minute... that shop looks funny. Maybe that's because this shop isn't at /warp shops in the End. In fact you'll need to /spawn, go to the surface and head west if you want to visit this shop and see what it has to offer. What is it doing in spawn? Don't worry about it guy. How long will it be there? No one knows. Make sure you take some time to visit this specialty XP shop before it disappears just as suddenly and mysteriously as it appeared.
Hello CrystalCrafters,

It's been a little over two months since @jflory7 announced that he would be passing the torch on CCMC and those of us here on the staff team feel it's time to talk a little about additions that have been made to the server you may not know about yet, some things we are adding this very moment and, perhaps most importantly, what we have in store for all of you in the coming months.


A New Spawn?
You may have noticed the New underground spawn which is a lot like the 1st official CCMC spawn made all those years ago. This New Spawn is the first step in a shift to prepare for a New Spawn in 1.13. Fortunately most of the remaining work should be able to be done in Development meaning you won't see many more changes to spawn until the new construction is complete. However I'm sure that if you look around you'll find some hidden rooms and a New villager who sells something much different than a potion.

Legendary Items hidden at the end of the Spawn Maze
Did you hear about this? I knew there was a maze but it wasn't until about a month ago I learned these existed. If you can stick it out to the end of the maze there are 2 Legendary items for sale to anyone who can afford the insanely high price tag. Are they worth it? That's a matter of opinion. My question is what else are you doing with your exp and voting items?

R.I.P. Creative Server

This was announced a while ago and there was talk of offering a world download. I had updated the original post with a link but, in case anyone didn't notice, here it is again: Creative World Download


Welcome our New Mod!
Everyone congratulate @Flora_Fox17 on her recent promotion to Moderator. She's an active and friendly player that we're happy to...
Yes you heard it! We have a new and improved underground spawn! Come on the server and check it out! Some you old heads might remember this style of spawn from 2012-2014. Enjoy!

Special Thanks...
*staff team*
UPDATE: The server is now back online. Happy mining!

Hi all,

The server is under maintenance from today until Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 11:59pm US EDT; there may be intermittent downtime. After 3:00pm US EDT, data may not be saved if you log in.

This maintenance is part of the transition plan as I pass ownership from myself to @Natzic and the staff team. The survival server is moving to a new data center in Quebec, Canada. This will also prevent weather-related downtime issues like we had in the past.

The migration only includes the survival server. All other servers (i.e. creative, lobby) will not be migrated (see @Natzic's previous announcement for more info). A download of the creative server overworld will be made available after the migration is complete.

Thanks for your continued patience. This migration helps enable the new staff team to take an active role in the administration of the server and respond to concerns faster. Keep an eye on this thread for any updates on the maintenance window.

Hello CrystalCrafters,

CrystalCraftMC Discord!

DId you hear? CCMC now has a discord, our discord is replacing TeamSpeak. For those of you who don’t know about discord, Discord is a social messaging program with voice channels implemented. When you guys join, please review the rules that are outlined in the #rules.

Discord Link

Creative Server!

The creative server will be closing this weekend. For those of you who want a world download, we are going to try to supply one once we close the world. The reason why we are closing the creative world is because we don't see many player online anymore and so we can reduce the amount of power our server needs.

Creative World Download

Elytra Course!

Elytra Course? Yup! That's right! @StellBell2866 has created our very own CCMC Elytra Course! The course is a staff run event and you can only receive official times when being run by staff, although you can bring your own fireworks and mess around in the course at any time! To do to the elytra course do /warp elytra

New Collectors Items!

Guess what!?!? Yup, that's correct! We have a new collector's item series. These items will be released periodically and the player who collects all of them will receive a prize!

- Natzic
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